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Fermentation as Agitation

ur co-founders Alex Ketchum and Maya Hey have recently finished co-guest editing another special edition of Cuizine: Journal of Canadian Food Cultures. 

The topic of this edition (9.2) focuses on the intersections of Food, Feminism, and Fermentation. The theme: Fermentation as agitation. Check it out here!

The journal is open access -- so there is no pay wall! Enjoy!

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2018 Call for Contributors

Food, Feminism, and Fermentation is an organization dedicated to bringing together scholars, writers, artists, activists, and makers working at the intersections of these three themes. In the fall of 2017, we hosted a 3 day conference with more than 155 participants from Canada, the United States, and Europe.

In lieu of a 2018 conference, we have decided to steer our efforts towards publishing a collection of articles, art, poetry, and more. This would also help us include a broader range of voices from an international community. We welcome a variety of perspectives.

Our current goal is to gauge interest and gather a range of submissions to pitch to publishers.

We would like to invite you to contribute. Please see the Infograph below for more details and we ask that you to fill out the attached google form by September 28th

Looking for inspiration:

Want more inspiration? See this page!

Thank you for expressing interest in contributing to this collection.…

Forthcoming Special Issues of Cuizine on Food, Feminism, and Fermentation

Great News!
The team here at Food, Feminism, and Fermentation is excited to announce that we (Maya Hey and Alex Ketchum) have had the pleasure to be the guest editors for two forthcoming issues of Cuizine: the Journal of Canadian Food Studies/ CuiZine: revue des cultures culinaires au Canada! These special issues are dedicated to the themes of food, feminism, and fermentation and will be published in the fall of 2018!!!

The issues will feature four original research articles, five creative pieces, and four book reviews!!

More good news! Cuizine is committed to open access publishing and both issues will be available for free!

Over the next few months we will be spotlighting our fantastic contributors.

We can't wait to share this exciting work with you.
-Alex and Maya

New Layout has a new layout! All of the information about the 2017 conference has been grouped together under one tab for your convenience.

Footage Online

Video Footage from the conference is now online!

You asked for it! We've delivered! You can find videos of the presentations at our youtube channel: Food Feminism Fermentation Channel! Or just click directly to our PLAYLIST

Call for Papers/ Due October 10/ Appel à soumissions

CALL FOR PAPERS  |  Special issue of CuiZine: the Journal of Canadian Food Cultures  “LEAVENING THE CONVERSATION: intersections of food, fermentation, and feminism”
Appel à soumissions | numéro thématique de CuiZine : la revue des cultures culinaires au Canada. « Des idées qui fermentent : aux croisements de la nourriture, de la fermentation, et du féminisme »


We are also seeking creative works. More information can be found here (

Food is a medium. Like conventional examples of media, food carries both content and relational messages that are produced, distributed, and consumed frequently and widely. As content, foods are the literal vehicles for delivering messages that are subsequently decoded and digested into meaningful units. Once absorbed, food-as-content can then be r…

Thank you!

Thank you everyone who made Food, Feminism, and Fermentation such a success! Over the 3 days of the conference we had over 155 different people participate in our panels, exhibits, keynotes, workshops, vernissages, 5 a 7s, and more! We left feeling inspired and energized and hope to continue these discussions in the future.

Please continue to follow us on:
Instagram: food.feminism.fermentation
twitter: food_fem_ferm

Please, please, please post and share ideas onto our facebook page (which will have the most up to date information).

ALSO: For those still in town, MONDAY, October 1st is the last day to check out the exhibiiton "Exhibition | The Gendered Cultures of Beer and Cheese: the Regulation of Human and Microbial Bodies on the Home and Industrial Scales, 1616 - 2017" at the Osler Library.

If you have already left town, you can still check out the exhibition online at: http://www.his…