a biennial collection of fff stories 

We are so very pleased to launch our new biennial publication, musings, with ISSN 2562-9832 (Print) and ISSN 2562-9840 (Online). It is a collection of stories with food, feminism, and fermentation written from an impressive range of perspectives.

You can find two versions of our 2019 edition below, one being the compressed version of the other. Simply click on the links to view and/or download. 


download musings | 2019 edition

In lieu of a preview, here is the list of contributions: 


Table of Contents for musings | 2019 edition

1 / Culturing Creativity, and a little bit of shit stirring
WhiteFeather Hunter

2 / The Fermentation Revival in Historical Context: A Feminist Perspective
Sandor Katz

3 / The Hidden Power of Coffee Fermentation 
Lucia Solis

4 / Embodying Cultures of Cultures
Michaela Kennedy

5 / Gut Feelings: A Performance
Alanna Lynch

6 / Brewing Change: Gender and Labour in Historical Texts
Alex Ketchum

7 / Not Just Yeast: How One Sourdough Starter Bubbled Out Feminism
Arianna Sikorski

8 / Find Your Sacred
Kathryn Fraser 

9 / Attuning Entanglements: Notes on a Fermentation Workshop
Salla Sariola & Matthäus Rest

10 / Tuning to the Invisible
Maya Hey 

11 / Harvest Musings

Caroline Granger


about musings 2021 

The next iteration of musings will be published in 2021, and we cannot wait to share with you our inspiration for our second edition. Stay tuned for our announcements by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!