Sunday, 1 December 2019

our latest project: musings, a collection of stories with food, feminism, fermentation

It is with great pleasure that we launch our biennial publication,

    musings | 2019 edition

as a collection of stories on the themes of food, feminism, and fermentation.

Cover Image
Title: 酒母- the mother 

Table of Contents for musings | 2019 edition

1 / Culturing Creativity, and a little bit of shit stirring
WhiteFeather Hunter

2 / The Fermentation Revival in Historical Context: A Feminist Perspective
Sandor Katz

3 / The Hidden Power of Coffee Fermentation 
Lucia Solis

4 / Embodying Cultures of Cultures
Michaela Kennedy

5 / Gut Feelings: A Performance
Alanna Lynch

6 / Brewing Change: Gender and Labour in Historical Texts
Alex Ketchum

7 / Not Just Yeast: How One Sourdough Starter Bubbled Out Feminism
Arianna Sikorski

8 / Find Your Sacred
Kathryn Fraser 

9 / Attuning Entanglements: Notes on a Fermentation Workshop
Salla Sariola & Matthäus Rest

10 / Tuning to the Invisible
Maya Hey 

11 / Harvest Musings

Caroline Granger