Tuesday 31 August 2021

Last Call! join us as we build an abecedary

We've heard from a few more folks (so exciting!), and our abecedary is looking more like this now: 

  • A is for Archives
  • B is for BO
  • C is for Capitalism 
  • C is for Conversation
  • D is for Decolonisation 
  • E is for Erotic 
  • F is for Flavor
  • G is for Gerund
  • H is for Hands 
  • I is for Incubator
  • J is for Joyful 
  • K is for Kneading
  • K is for Kitchens 
  • L is for Learning 
  • M is for Menstruation
  • N is for Nietzsche 
  • O is for Offering
  • P is for Politics 
  • Q is for Queering 
  • R is for Reciprocity 
  • R is for Revival 
  • S is for Something We Don't Know Yet
  • S is for Symbiosis
  • T is for Taste
  • ‼️U is for _____________? join us if you'd be interested in this entry
  • V is for Vessel 
  • V is for Vagina 
  • W is for Wrought 
  • ‼️X is for _____________? join us if you'd be interested in this entry
  • Y is for Yeast
  • Z is for Żurek

We are especially keen to hear from folks who are interested in contributing to the letters of U and X. Please see below for Submission Details or get in touch with us by email. 

We are looking for short pieces (200-500 words, can be more if you let us know in advance) that explain how the word connects to our themes of food, feminism, and/or fermentation. We're open to non-textual forms too, including images and audio (in which case, aim for 5 images or 5 minutes). We admit that we are more interested in words that cut across these themes instead of a UN model of ferments (e.g., bread, kimchi, viili, etc.). We welcome persuasive arguments, personal stories, poems, photo essays, provocations, philosophical musings, as well as sound-based or video-based work. If you've something in mind that's not listed here, let us know so we can ideate together. Of note, our abecedary will be produced both digitally and in print. 

Get in touch if you have questions or want to think out loud; after all, part of the fun is figuring this out together. 

While our ideal timeline has drafts due by September 25, we are willing to work with individual authors. Given that the world is a dumpster fire right now, we want to be flexible since we don't know what kinds of pressures uniquely affect your time commitments. 

Submission Details 

Drafts should include: 

  • title, beginning with the represented letter (i.e., Y is for _______)
  • 200-500 words of text (or 5 images or 5 minutes of audio)
  • a brief biographical statement (50 words maximum) 

Please send these to our email address by September 15, 2021: food.feminism.fermentation [at] gmail dot com 

We look forward to hearing from you!