Making Connections

n addition to the word clouds available on the call for contributions, below are some additional questions to inspire a consideration between the linkages of the three themes of food, feminism, and fermentation.

How do you simultaneously approach food, feminism, and fermentation in your work?
How do food, feminism, and fermentation interact/ intersect/ relate in your work and life/ in what you produce? Related to your own experiences, work, and or/research, how do you connect food, feminism, and fermentation?

Some linkages to consider include but you are not limited to:
  • growth/ cycles/ death: How does feminism or fermentation change the way we think about life or loss?
  • What are genders are associated with certain fermented and food products? Acts of fermentation? What about the gender roles over who is brewing/ fermenting/ performing this labor?
  • Fermenting foods brings up ideas of nourishment. How does this relate to feminist notions of care?
  • Fermenting can be an intimate act. How do food, fermentation, and feminism address matters of intimacy?
  • What is the role of contamination related to notions of gender, food, and fermentation?
  • intersectionality and ferments - In the same way that intersectionality looks at the multi-layered ways that politics and identities affect people, how does fermentation allow us to understand multiplicities and power? 
  • Fermentation and microbes remind us that bodies are unbound and porous. How do you see the relationship between microbial agency and relational politics?
  • The microbial nature of fermentation brings in considerations of scale. What is the role of scale when considering food, feminism, and fermentation?
  • How do the three themes relate to food justice activism? Environmental activism? Civil rights and anti-racism activism? Feminist activism? Social justice activism? Understandings of colonialism?
  • What is the role of agency in understanding the three themes? What about participation?
  • What role does consumption play?
  • What about ideas of transformation? Radical media and microbes?

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