Thank you!

Thank you everyone who made Food, Feminism, and Fermentation such a success! Over the 3 days of the conference we had over 155 different people participate in our panels, exhibits, keynotes, workshops, vernissages, 5 a 7s, and more! We left feeling inspired and energized and hope to continue these discussions in the future.

Please continue to follow us on:
Instagram: food.feminism.fermentation
twitter: food_fem_ferm

Please, please, please post and share ideas onto our facebook page (which will have the most up to date information).

ALSO: For those still in town, MONDAY, October 1st is the last day to check out the exhibiiton "Exhibition | The Gendered Cultures of Beer and Cheese: the Regulation of Human and Microbial Bodies on the Home and Industrial Scales, 1616 - 2017" at the Osler Library.

If you have already left town, you can still check out the exhibition online at:

Thank you again from your conference organizers,
Alex Ketchum and Maya Hey

PS If you would like to contact the organizers personally, there are links to our social media accounts: 

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